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Five easy ways to get better gas mileage

Here’s a little tip: Gas prices aren’t going to come back down. At least, not much. So here’s Ace Auto Works’ Five easy ways to get better gas mileage.

It’s a fact of life. Every year we’re seeing new record high gas prices. And there’s not much we can do about it. The price is outside of our control. What we can do is try to squeeze every bit of mileage out of the gas we do purchase.

 Ace Auto Works’ top 5 tips for getting better gas mileage:

  1. Make sure your tires are inflated correctly
    This one is really easy. All you need is a tire gauge. Most gas stations will turn on their air if you just ask. Even if they don’t, it’s usually under $1 to get the air turned on. Keeping your tires inflated correctly can save you up big according to the EPA.
  2. Change your air filter.
    This one is another no-brainer.   The proper mixture of fuel and oxygen is critical to good gas mileage. If you air filter is old and dirty your mileage will suffer. Air filters are inexpensive as well. We’ll be glad to replace your air filter for you on your next visit.
  3. Observe the speed limit.
    You can drastically improve your mileage by simply slowing down. When you think about it, what’s the rush anyway? Most commuters never save more than 10 – 15 minutes even if they’re driving more than an hour to work. And the savings are huge.
  4. Car Pool/Public transportation
    If you can, park your car at least one day per week. Not only does it save you gas money, it reduces wear and tear on your vehicle.
  5. Read your manual.
    Our most important tip. Your vehicle’s manual is full of information that will help improve your gas mileage and keep you safe. Follow the recommended schedule of oil changes, routine maintenance and helpful tips.
    Trust Ace Auto Works to help you keep your car safe and on the road. We take pride in our work and will make sure you keep on schedule. It’s critically important to keep your car up to date on oil changes, tune-ups and more.


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